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5 Energy Boosting Accent Colours To Have In Your Home

by UKDC Editorial Team

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Interior Design | Inspiration

UKDC Editorial Team
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Top tips on how to make the most of the accent colours currently on trend to ensure your interior really makes a statement. British summers can be confusing, gloomy, discombobulating affairs. Mother Nature's injection of bright sunlight is not always guaranteed and so it is up to us to infuse our homes with bold accent colours that will bring that long anticipated summer vibe into our lives.

Many of us opt for sensible, earthy tones when choosing key interior furnishing and this makes for the perfect canvas on which to add a dash of bold colour. From cushions to ceramics, objets and art, it has never been easier to include accent colours to your interior design.


Amara-Fuchsia Collection

Top of the list is fuchsia, that irresistible hot pink that invokes lush, tropical adventures and is surely the colour of Joy itself. On a muted, neutral palette, a splash of fuchsia will add a fun, playful warmth to each room. Try opting for soft furnishings such as cushions and even statement rugs, a work of art with a splash of hot pink on a dark or light background.

“Fuchsia, that irresistible hot pink that invokes lush, tropical adventures and is surely the colour of Joy itself.”


Amara-Turquoise Collection

Turquoise is the perfect blend of the blue of the sea and the green of the land to give both a mystical and grounding quality as it brightens any room. Invoke this mystical, semi-precious stone in your choice of earthenware, sculptures and decorative pieces.


Amara-Orange Collection

On a canvas of muted tones, a splash of orange is a bold statement that expresses confidence in yourself and your home decor. If you want to add warmth to your interior, consider painting a statement wall or section of a room a zesty shade of orange.


Made in Design-Gold Collection

Why stop there? Why not go the distance and follow the hottest trend this season for gold itself? The ultimate in luxury, abundance and high-concept living, this most coveted of elements is a must for any modern interior. Choose gold-edged furniture such as coffee tables and statement bowls or wine glasses with gold trim.


Royal Blue
Amara-Blue Collection

To complement this decadent colour palette, a dash of royal blue would add a timeless touch of class to any interior and ensure your home is bright, welcoming and bang on trend. Choose this cooler, classic colour as more of a base, making daring choices with furniture such as sofas and chairs. A vase infused with royal blue or china ornaments with this statement colour running through them is a must for any palette.