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5 Natural Materials You Should Have In Your Home

by UKDC Editorial Team

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UKDC Editorial Team
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The return to natural textiles for our home decor and interior design is a trend that is not just an aesthetic choice, but a healthy one. The benefits of immersing your home in material that is as close to its natural state as possible have numerous benefits for our wellbeing. Reducing the toxicity of man-made fabrics is good for both our family and our planet and returning to a simpler process of manufacturing is also an ethical choice. We have chosen five of the top natural materials that are a must for any interior decor.



From ancient civilisation to modern design, Stone has long been utilised for its longevity, strength and beauty and as a symbol of luxury. The numerous varieties of stone offer a rich palette and textural finish which means that something can be found for every home. The resurgence of stone for kitchen work surfaces, in the bathroom, fireplace and flooring make this material a core element for any home design and can complement smaller decorative artisanal items made from the same natural material. Stone can be shaped and worked but will always maintain its natural properties and energetically is connected with longevity, strength, endurance and protection.

“For centuries the stone has been believed to possess the power of protection.”



Metal has long been an essential element of any home. But this practical material also has its decorative uses and thus is the perfect mix of both essential elements. Copper is a malleable and ductile metal with many favourable properties that make it a versatile material. Around our homes, it is used for practical purposes such as wiring, but it has long been a favourite of craftsmasters who have exploited copper's versatility and rich colour to create ornate, luxury items and high-end home products. Its antibacterial properties and metallic source make it a classic favourite in the kitchen and modern designers and chefs alike have returned to using copper kitchenware to infuse their culinary creations with its goodness.



Earthenware is the general name for pottery and clay items fired at low heat so that they retain their earthy, porous quality. As our taste in home-furnishing reflects our increasingly international lifestyles, the trend for earthenware pieces in our interiors has rocketed. The subtle, natural palettes of oranges, browns and creams lend themselves perfectly to the bohemian home and the roughly finished texture adds a natural element to our modern lifestyles. Red clay, sourced from as far as Africa and Australia adds a worldly feel to any interior. From vases and pots to Moroccan tagines, these pieces bely their natural source and remain an easy way to stay connected with Mother Earth. Grounding, calming and perspective enhancing. A must for the modern, urban home.

“The subtle, natural palettes of oranges, browns and creams lend themselves perfectly to the home and the roughly finished texture adds a natural element to our modern lifestyles.”



Wood is one of the most historically popular natural materials to be found in home furnishings. From the perfected finish of antique Chippendale pieces to the modern taste for a less finished product, wood remains one of the most versatile materials there is. Wooden flooring has seen a surge in popularity in modern homes and it is easier than ever to source wood in an ethical way. Reclaimed timber has become the essential ingredient to the modern rustic look and logs fashioned into stylish lamps with their bark still intact is a must for any room. The easiest way to bring nature into your home. Of all the options, Oak has been a favourite for centuries. Its strength, longevity and deep, rich tone has straddled many a trend in decor and furnishings and this sturdy, versatile material has stood the test of time.



An essential element to any interior is the fabric we choose for our soft furnishings. From the comfort and breathability of cotton to the decadence of silk, there is a vast variety of ambiences that can be achieved through your considered choice of cloth.

Silk is arguably the most luxurious of the natural fabrics. The natural shimmer caused by its complex, the prism-like structure makes both the texture and the looking unique and luxuriant. Evoking the mystical Far-East from which the majority of silk is sourced, it is a must for any luxury, modern interior.