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How Interior Designers Are Embracing Pantone's Greenery

by UKDC Editorial Team

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UKDC Editorial Team
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Bring a splash of Nature into your home with this year hottest new tone.This year Pantone has announced that their Colour of the Year is the fresh, vibrant, Greenery and it has already proven a hit with Interior Designers, home brands and master craftspeople.

Leatrice Eisman, Executive Director of the Pantone Institute, made a bold statement in her presentation of 2020's new Colour of the Year. Directly referring to "the tumultuous social and political environment" we face today, she stated that Greenery provided the "reassurance" and "reconnection" we yearn for, "satisfying our growing desire to rejuvenate and revitalise". The Interior Design world has responded strongly, creating bold pieces inspired by nature and colour palettes that bring an unmistakable air of spring-like renewal and new beginnings. Hope is in the air.

“The Interior Design world has responded strongly, creating bold pieces that bring an unmistakable air of spring-like renewal and new beginnings”

At first glance, Greenery makes quite a statement and it may feel like an intimidating colour to incorporate into your interior. But with a little inspiration from the best, you will be embracing this organic tone in no time.


Amara-Greenery Collection

One of the simplest ways to introduce a splash of Greenery into your home decor is in your soft furnishings. Greenery works well on neutral whites, creams and greys, so keeping the canvas minimalist allows for you to use this verdant hue as an accent colour, complementing a neutral wall or sofa.


Amara-Languedoc vase from Lalique

One of 2020's top trends in interior design is artisan crafts, and glassware and ceramics are the ultimate accessories in modern interior decor. Designers have embraced this zesty hue with matching creative zest. Even the legendary Zaha Hadid incorporated elements of Greenery into her designs. Her stunning showcases perfectly the splash of intense hue mingled with purity of form and a fluidity and defiance of convention that Zaha is famous for.

Most of us can but dream of one day owning such luxuries. And yet the season is awash with inspired pieces that cater for every budget. This iconic Languedoc vase by Rene Lalique in jungle Green bring an element of 1930s playfulness to 2020 decor. When choosing your pieces, match them with natural wood or beige bases to add a touch of Greenery to your kitchenware without over-egging the pudding so to speak.



2020 Interiors are all about pattern. Gone are the minimalist, neutral tones of 2016, and here to stay are bold, clashing, unapologetic pattern. It's time to take a stand both politically and personally and expressing your unique taste in an interior is a must. Orla Kiely's iconic wallpaper design compliments Pantone's Greenery well. The ultimate in British kitsch, Kiely's style has proven to be timeless and with statement wallpaper making a strong comeback in 2020, this is a match made in heaven.



Greenery is not a subtle colour. It is a statement. It is also an acknowledgement of a move to a more organic, sustainable way of living. As we begin to live more consciously, understanding our individual contribution to the type of the world we want to live in, our interiors reflect this. Introducing plants and natural elements into our home furnishing will bring much-needed balance, and complementing this with the best in uber modern design connects the two elements beautifully. Pieces such as this Green Dining Chair by fresh New York design house Stilnovo mixes retro looks with modern textiles. The sleek contours and metallic base complement each other well and are a bold take on the Greenery movement.

“Greenery is not a subtle colour. It is a statement. It is also an acknowledgement of a move to a more organic, sustainable way of living”

What all these pieces demonstrate so well is that, with a colour as bold as Greenery, less is more. Use Greenery in statement pieces and make sure to balance it with more neutral shades and textures such as creams, whites, browns, and the opposite of the colour spectrum - red and orange. This way you maintain harmony in your interior design whilst embracing the qualities of reconnection and rejuvenation that are so key to the Greenery concept.